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on all the new bikes
Our personal touch:
  • Jetting optimized to local requirements
  • Brake and clutch hydraulics checked and
  • Wheels trued, spokes tightened and wheel
    bearings greased.
  • Anti-seize added to various bolts
  • OEM Chain grease removed and lubed with a
    light coating of teflon and tensioned to
    proper spec.
  • Race fluids are added and then each bike is
    run for 10 minutes and checked out for
    smooth operation of all systems.

Jack's Cycles delivers new bikes for no charge
within a 50 mile radius of our shop.

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Some of the benefits of an EM Electric compared to petroleum motorcycles:
At the flick of a switch the power is that of a conventional 125, 250 or 300 moto trials bike
In muddy conditions, at the flick of a handlebar switch the power can be reduced
Zero pollution
No fire risk if riding off road in high fire season
No kick starting, just turn on the power and go
No gear changing to worry about
No need to use a clutch
No engine noise
Virtually no maintenance
Back yard friendly
When going downhill the recharge button allows the battery to be recharged!